Rules for the Road: Safety & Responsibility on the Information Highway

Parent Tips
ONlineSafety.jpgFor parents, the internet can sometimes seem like a scary place. The news seems full of stories about the dangers of cyberspace. The good news is that millions of people use the internet safely every day. Some basic safety rules can let your child explore the world using a truly fabulous tool.
  • Teach your child that strangers online are no different than strangers they meet in person. Kids shouldn't share personal information (names, addresses, passwords, phone numbers, and so on) with a stranger they meet in town or at a ballgame without a parent's okay. The same is true online.
  • Be a part of your child's online life! You should know what websites your child is visiting, and with whom your child communicates online. Decide on the websites your child can visit, and how long they may use the computer. One of the simplest things you can do is to put your computer in a place where you can easily supervise your child.
  • Talk to your child about being a good online citizen.
    Children should be taught early to be kind and courteous online--nobody likes a bully!
  • Children should learn to obey copyright laws. It's never too early to learn that online text, pictures, music, and programs belong to the people who created them. They can learn about copyright here and here.

Kid Rules

Teach your child these simple rules:
  • Don't share personal information online without the permission of your parent or teacher.
  • Tell a grown-up right away if something online makes you upset.
  • Be a good friend. Be kind online!
  • Respect what other people have created! Don't copy pictures, music, movies, or other kinds of files unless you have permission from the creator.

Resources for Grown-Ups
Center for Screen Time Awareness
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