Animals and their Habitats, Week 1

We're getting ready for research on animals! Today we'll explore some websites, while you wait for your turn to choose your animal book.

Here are the websites we'll use to get started.
  • San Diego Zoo: Explore animal classification! Birds, Fish, Reptiles, Amphibians, and Mammals!
  • After you've read about different kinds of animals, play the habitat games here! Can you sort animals into different kinds in the ocean, grassland, forest, river and backyard?
  • When you're done, choose a few animals and watch the zoo animal webcams.

Animals and their Habitats, Week 2
Our research begins!

Animals and their Habitats, Weeks 3 and 4
Fact Finding and Note Taking
Today we will use our books and our animal printouts to complete this Planner
-Do your best to find as much information as you can
-To find information use:
  • Your index
  • Table of Contents
  • Bold or Key words

-You do not need to fill out the planner in order
-You do not need to write your information in complete sentences.
Let's look at this Animal Printout Example

Mr. Lyons or Mrs. Gordon will demonstrate.
We will have two classes to complete this planner.
Please ask if you have any questions!

Animals and their Habitats, Week 5-7
During the next two classes, you'll finish these tasks:
  • Take your "safari" pictures
  • Record your voice. Remember what the Crocodile Hunter sounds like!
  • Make your Photostory and save it.

Animals and their Habitats, Week 8
This week, we'll see everyone's animal presentations, and play a game about the animal facts we see and hear. Enjoy!