Animal Adaptations

Day One
  • Watch and listen to directions.
  • Pick a habitat card from the stack.
    • Open the Library Resources page. Log in.
    • Open the Amazing Animals database.
    • Spend some time looking for an animal that interests you in the habitat on your card.
    • Write the name of your animal on your planner.
    • Start working on your planner.

Day Two

Day Three
  • Sign in to GOOGLE CLASSROOM. Join the class using the class code.
    • Mrs. Dorey/ group 1: tf9laz
    • Mrs. Prato/ group 2: 1cr9wpg
  • Search Wikimedia Commons for a photo for your animal. Choose it as your background or as an inserted image. Begin to add your text boxes.
  • Look at the GHASTLY DESIGN GALLERY to get ideas of what NOT to do!
  • Things to keep in mind: font, palette, page design, easy to read

Day Four:
  • Finish your typing. Add color to your text boxes, change fonts, and add any other elements you need to your page.
  • Save your page as a PDF file. Copy the link.
  • Choose the habitat where your animal lives from the list and click to open the webpage.
  • Add the link to your page. Be sure to add the name of your animal to the note. NO LAST NAMES!


About the Lesson
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Adaptations: definition

Why can't we just use the pictures we find in Amazing Animals?
Wikimedia Commons
Why not just do a Google image search?