1000book.pngResearch has shown that children who are read to have a better chance of becoming successful readers & learners. The 1000 Books Program aims to provide our families with access to a fine collection of books.

About the Project
The 1000 Book Kid Project is a growing collection of 100 bags, each with 10 picture books. You and your child may check out one bag at a time. The collection includes animal stories, fairy tales, nonfiction, nursery rhymes and more! The books are geared for children from age 2 to 5.

There's no time limit for finishing all 1000 books! You may want to set a goal of finishing the bags before your child enters kindergarten, but you are welcome to continue the program right through your child's school years.

How do I sign up?
Contact Mrs. Gordon or Mrs. Fasoldt, or register online here.
You’ll receive a confirming email. Then just stop by the ES library to pick up your first bag!